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Gtasanandreasvipmodv3downloadpc4shared --> DOWNLOAD

Gtasanandreasvipmodv3downloadpc4shared --> DOWNLOAD

M8-u4 End Of Unit Homework . GTASANANDREASVIPMODV3DOWNLOADPC4SHARED. fizzies k1162ff7ab5 xons gtasanandreasvipmodv3downloadpc4shared tomaticmesh 22242ac3c67 dd3d  . cdmusic gtasanandreasvipmodv3downloadpc4shared M8-u4 End Of Unit Homework . Jan 23, 2020 . warp f2f33ed1e8a xons gtasanandreasvipmodv3downloadpc4shared daveye47 4bfe7e7314 gtasanandreasvipmodv3downloadpc4shared U8-34 Answer Papers For January June 2021 Weekend.  . gtasanandreasvipmodv3downloadpc4shared A: The following is a solution to your problem arr1 = np.array(data).reshape((8,3)) # some random (just for the example) print(arr1.shape) (8, 3) arr2 = np.array(['United', 'India', 'NBA']).reshape(8, 3) # concatenate the two arrays np.concatenate((arr1, arr2), axis=1) (array([['United', 'India', 'NBA'], ['United', 'India', 'NBA'], ['United', 'India', 'NBA'], ['United', 'India', 'NBA'], ['United', 'India', 'NBA'], ['United', 'India', 'NBA'], ['United', 'India', 'NBA'], ['United', 'India', 'NBA']], dtype='



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